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    • Daily naturals 

      Bekkum, Marie (Bachelor thesis, 2018)
    • Daily naturals 

      Vathne, Anna (Bachelor thesis, 2018)
    • Daily naturals 

      Nessler, Katrine Z. (Bachelor thesis, 2018)
      Based on the conducted situation analysis, three main issues have been identified for Daily Naturals to focus on. 1. The challenges of entering the haircare market in Australia without economies of scale. 2. Due to no ...
    • Daily naturals 

      Gundersen, Camilla H. (Bachelor thesis, 2018)
    • Daily naturals 

      Kvannes, Nanna (Bachelor thesis, 2018)
      The three main issues that came out of the situation analysis were the false truth of Daily Naturals’ patent, the threat of competitors with economies of scale, and Daily Naturals lack of marketing efforts. The reason why ...
    • Daily naturals 

      Figenschau, Heidi S. (Bachelor thesis, 2018)
    • Daily naturals 

      Simonsen, Mario (Bachelor thesis, 2018)
      an increasing social movement towards vegan and sustainable products. However, the internal and external analysis also revealed three strategic issues that Daily Naturals are facing. The issues have been renamed to better ...
    • Daily naturals 

      Ekeland, Marius R. (Bachelor thesis, 2018)
    • Daily naturals 

      Eriksrød, Kristine Røse (Bachelor thesis, 2018)
      The Australian, family owned hair care company Dresslier, with one of its product lines Daily Naturals, is aiming to take its already successful business to the next level. This marketing report builds on the results from ...
    • Dale of Norway 

      Isager, Clementine Hole; Sjetne, Kristoffer; Sjödin, Rebecca Victoria Fatima; Vorkinn, Henrik (Bachelor thesis, 2013-08-21)
      Peter Jebsen founded Dale of Norway in a small village outside Bergen, Norway in 1879. Dale produces fine outdoor clothing made of Norwegian wool and Merino wool from Australia and New Zealand. Dale exports to 22 countries, ...
    • Dale of Norway : a strategic analysis of Dale of Norway‟s possible entry into the English market 

      Brønstad, Oda Johannessen; Eikeland, Anja Cathrine; Gilhuus, Anette; Mellesmo, Signe (Bachelor thesis, 2011-08-31)
      Dale of Norway is a Norwegian company that produces woollen garments. They operate in several countries across the world; however, their presence in England is minimal. The managers have expressed a wish to examine the ...
    • Daring to dream: Leadership practices in Norway’s U20 national football team 

      Aartun, Daniel Bruland; Særsland, Andreas Emblem (Master thesis, 2019)
      To examine the success of the U20 Norwegian male national football team of 2019 from a leadership perspective, this thesis considers several success factors that may have helped the team reach the World Cup. It applies ...
    • Datastrukturering for effektive CRM - prosesser og økt kundeverdi 

      Jørgensen, Solveig Lindis Helen (Bachelor thesis, 2022)
      Denne oppgaven tar sikte på å vurdere hvordan KLP banken kan få bedre struktur på data for deres skriftlige kundehenvendelser som mottas gjennom bankens kontaktskjema for å avdekke kundebehov og utvikle effektive CRM- ...
    • DDCMHT måling ved Psykiatrisk klinikk 

      Ruud, Gro (Master thesis, 2023)
      Denne oppgaven har vært min prosjektoppgave i studieprogrammet Consulting ved Handelshøyskolen BI. Bakgrunn for oppgaven var et ønske om å undersøke behandlingstilbudet psykisk helsevern har til pasienter med rusproblematikk ...
    • De historiske hotel og spisesteder 

      Johansen, Even Julian Wedø; Woldseth, Stefi Evensen (Bachelor thesis, 2014-09-11)
      I løpet av våren 2014 har vi jobba med denne bacheloroppgaven. I løpet av den tiden har vi kommet frem til dette ferdigproduktet. Vi har valgt å bruke boka til Troye og Grønhaug (1993) som en veiledning på hvordan vi ...
    • "Death and Resurrection - In a Sweet Union" An Explorative Study of How Serial Entrepreneurs Learn from Failure 

      Storhaug, Andrea Oterhals (Master thesis, 2023)
      This master's thesis aims to explore how serial entrepreneurs learn from failure. Failure, defined as a deviation from desired results, has been increasingly recognized as a catalyst for learning and growth. Literature ...
    • Debt heterogeneity: A study of how different debt instruments affect the performance of publicly listed U.S. firms. 

      Dammen, Aleksander Olsen; Johansen, Marcus Bue (Master thesis, 2020)
      Academic literature has previously focused on capital structure as a whole; however, in more recent years, research has revolved around debt structure. Evidence from the last decade have proven the importance of debt ...
    • Debt Issuance and Engagement in Earnings Management for U.S. Public Firms: A Study of Occurrence and Market Reactions From a Heterogeneous Debt Perspective 

      Danielsen, Linni Carine Forsmo; Kristoffersen, Elise Pedersen (Master thesis, 2021)
      This thesis analyzes the relationship between earnings management and debt issuance and further addresses to what extent the market is able to detect earnings being managed in conjunction with debt issuance. It contributes ...
    • Debt Specialization In The Nordic 

      Jøsok, Kristin Anette Price; Eriksen, Morten (Master thesis, 2023)
      This paper presents a comprehensive comparative analysis of the Nordic public debt market and the U.S. public debt market. By examining key firm characteristics that help explain trends in debt specialization, we provide ...
    • Decision making and uncertainty: how does degree of responsibility influence communicated uncertainty about a choice 

      Sarinc, Kerziban; Randen, Mathias A. Eikenes (Master thesis, 2022)
      This study aims to investigate how people in a choice situation framed as a loss communicate uncertainty to others, both during the decision making process and after the outcome is known. We looked at how people communicate ...