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    • Pursuing growth opportunities in the shipping-related and non-shipping segments 

      Berge, Janne; Furnes, Linn V.; Høgsve, Kristin; Rasch, Michelle; Vole, Åsne H. (Bachelor thesis, 2008-06-25)
      EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This research project includes an in-depth analysis of the banking industry in Singapore with focus on the Norwegian corporates. We conducted this report for Nordea Singapore Branch to find out how they ...
    • Aquastructures: Canadian market analysis 

      Berntsen, Magnus; Etholm, Christian; Hellebust, Daniel; Thomassen, Mai Tiril (Bachelor thesis, 2008-08-26)
      The following report has been completed on behalf of Aquastructures AS, a newly established Norwegian company operating within the engineering sector, to analyze a possible expansion to the market of British Columbia, ...
    • Art Nor AS: entering the French HoReCa market 

      Fehn, Jacob Guy; Goksøyr, Espen Løge (Bachelor thesis, 2008-08-26)
      Art Nor AS is a Norwegian producer of sous-vide seafood products. The company currently employs 20 people. The company considers the northern part of Norway its main market and is currently looking to internationalize ...
    • Norwegian Industrial Park: marketing an alternative entry mode 

      Brun, Hanne Beate; Lindkjølen, Benjamin Noel; Roppestad, Roger Westgård (Bachelor thesis, 2008-08-26)
      The purpose of this thesis has been to develop a marketing strategy for Norwegian Industrial Park, and make recommendation as to how the strategies should be implemented. Norwegian Industrial Park is a newly established ...
    • Creative distribution in the Shanghai health nutrition market 

      Kristiansen, Alexander Risheim; Terjesen, Jon Henrik; Wu, Jia Yan (Bachelor thesis, 2008-08-26)
      The purpose of the assignment is to explore how Vigour can sell their products in the Shanghai health nutrition market, and to give Vigour guidelines throughout this process. Vigour has not yet launched their products in ...
    • Market potential for sous vide in Singapore 

      Ramstad, Eskil; Krogtoft, Christian; Rønnestad, Janne Karin; Grønli, Asbjørn (Bachelor thesis, 2008-08-26)
      This research project is conducted for Art Nor AS with the aim of evaluating the market potential for sous vide in Singapore, especially in the HoReCa (hotel, restaurant, catering) market. An external analysis was conducted ...
    • Retaining talent in Laerdal Medical (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.: motivating and retaining key-employees 

      Eik, Astrid; Grimelund, Bettina; Abarkach, Ouafa; Madsen, Gard-H. (Bachelor thesis, 2008-08-26)
      The following is a paper on the growing difficulty of retaining key-employees in the Yangtze delta region on the east coast of China. This report presents the findings from an in-depth analysis on human resource management ...
    • Hødnebø 

      Leistad, Marthe Myren; Laskemoen, Merete Susanta; Lesjø, Silje Marie (Bachelor thesis, 2008-08-26)
      Diese Studienarbeit beschreibt den deutschen Möbelmarkt in Hinblick auf das Einführen des Spinnaker-Konzepts von Hødnebø. Das Ziel der Arbeit ist es, Empfehlungen für diese Einführung zu geben. Zu Beginn dieser Aufgabe ...
    • A case study of Indian fertilizer subsidy regime 

      Vinje, Ola Marius; Walle, Eirik M.; Vatn, Christian; Wilhelmsen, Thomas (Bachelor thesis, 2008-09-18)
      The project is to provide Yara International ASA with information regarding the Indian fertilizer subsidy policy. The problem definition for the research part of the project is as follows: “How does the Indian fertilizer ...
    • Grameenphone: a descriptive study of the factors influencing the youth`s usage of telecommunication services in Singapore and Malaysia 

      Åsheim, Stefanie; Eriksen, Andreas; Groven, Ida Harstad; Köhler, Mats Gunnar Opdal; Pettersen, Marius (Bachelor thesis, 2008-09-18)
      This project is done to provide Grameenphone with a recommendation on whether to have a youth brand in Bangladesh or not. To gather our information, we have used both secondary and primary data. The problem definition for ...
    • Vigour Health: the ASC-Series launch in Canada 

      Danielsen, David M.; Fredriksen, Joakim; Nordli, Espen; Nøstberg, Bjørn R. (Bachelor thesis, 2008-09-18)
      This report is part of the authors’ bachelor degree in International Marketing and analyzes the Canadian vitamins and dietary supplements (VDS) industry. Based on this analysis, the authors will be proposing how Vigour ...
    • Norwegian Seafood Export Council: Restaurants preferences toward the use of fresh Norwegian salmon in Shanghai and Hong Kong 

      Bakland, Ine; Tsang, Yvonne (Bachelor thesis, 2008-09-18)
      The thesis has been carried out in collaboration with the Norwegian Seafood Export Council (NSEC). The objective of this bachelor thesis is to analysis the current market situation for Norwegian salmon in Shanghai and ...
    • A research report of the Shanghai market for Stokke for children 

      Tonning, Silje Marie Opgård; Ådnanes, Kristin Mæland (Bachelor thesis, 2008-09-19)
      Stokke Fabrikker AS, from now on only referred to as Stokke, is a Norwegian company that designs, manufactures and sells children furniture all around the world. One of the countries they so far have not entered is China. ...
    • Bachelorarbeit 2008: ausgearbeitet für die Millba GmbH 

      Karstensen, Ingrid Husebye; Wear, Anette Eckroll; Nilsen, Ola Hobber; Henden, Rune (Bachelor thesis, 2008-09-19)
    • Otrum: proyecto de investigación 

      Blindheimsvik, Daniel Ramos; Borgmo, Camilla Baldonado; Dippner, Siv; Eide, Pia Marlén; Sirnes, Marit Johanne (Bachelor thesis, 2008-09-19)
    • Market channels for SWIMS products in Singapore and Hong Kong 

      Mathisen, Inger Lise; Holberg, Diana S.; Grendahl, Cecilie M. (Bachelor thesis, 2008-09-22)
      SWIMS is a Norwegian designer brand which produces a rejuvenated galosh, that is targeted to the high end costumer, and appeals to the fashion conscious. They have in a fast pace expanded during the last years, to the ...
    • Agape : theUK bridal wear market 

      Schulze, Malin; Gjøstein, Aleksander; Remøy, Stine; Samdal, Henrik (Bachelor thesis, 2008-09-23)
      Agape is a company from Stavanger, Norway. It specialises in wedding gowns, but also offers gowns for other purposes. Agape has stores in 5 Norwegian cities, with Sweden, Denmark and Finland as the likely immediate target ...
    • Swims: seduce the rain 

      Erlandsen, Marianne S.; Haugen, Tonje; Øyna, Jorunn (Bachelor thesis, 2008-11-18)
      Le but de cette étude est de déterminer le meilleur moyen pour lancer le couvrechaussure en France. Nous avons trouvé des informations afin que Swims AS puisse mieux comprendre le marché français. Pendant notre étude, ...
    • Heavy Water Vodka: flawless purity and award winning design 

      Storås, Arill; Sandbu, Kristoffer; Eriksen, Sandra Kristine; Isene, Frode (Bachelor thesis, 2008-11-18)
      This thesis presents the findings from an explorative research study of the Chinese vodka market. The research has been conducted on behalf of Heavy Water International, a Norwegian vodka producer. Heavy Water International ...
    • Vigour: bringing you the essence of Norway 

      Nesbø, Øyvind; Niemi, Christina; Rønningen, Jeanette; Aasheim, Gitte Merete (Bachelor thesis, 2008-11-24)