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    • Har norske bedrifter dårlig tilgang på kapital? 

      Isachsen, Arne Jon (CME Working paper series;5/2002, Working paper, 2002)
    • House prices and stock prices: Different roles in the U.S. monetary transmission mechanism 

      Bjørnland, Hilde C.; Jacobsen, Dag Henning (CAMP Working Paper Series;1/2012, Working paper, 2012)
      We analyze the role of house and stock prices in the monetary policy transmission mechanism in the U.S. using a structural VAR model. The VAR is identifed using a combination of short-run and long-run (neutrality) ...
    • The household effects of mortgage regulation 

      Aastveit, Knut Are; Juelsrud, Ragnar Enger; Wold, Ella Getz (CAMP Working Paper Series;07/2021, Working paper, 2021-12)
      We evaluate the impact of mortgage regulation on child and parent household balance sheets, highlighting important trade-offs in terms of financial vulnerability. Using Norwegian tax data, we show that loan-to-value caps ...
    • How Does Monetary Policy Affect Household Indebtedness? 

      Fagereng, Andreas; Gulbrandsen, Magnus A. H.; Holm, Martin B.; Natvik, Gisle J. (HOFIMAR Working Paper Series;5/2023, Working paper, 2023)
      Growth in household debt-to-income ratios can be attributed to nominal debt changes or mechanical “Fisher effects” from interest income and expenses, real income growth, and inflation. With microdata covering the universe ...
    • How does monetary policy respond to exchange rate 

      Bjørnland, Hilde C.; Halvorsen, Jørn I. (CAMAR Working Paper Series;1/2010, Working paper, 2010)
      This paper analyzes how monetary policy has responded to exchange rate movements in six open economies, paying particular attention to the two-way interaction between monetary policy and the exchange rate. We address this ...
    • Hva Kina vil 

      Isachsen, Arne Jon (CME Working Paper Series;6/2010, Working paper, 2010)
      Kina vil gjenvinne sin rettmessige plass i det globale bildet, med tilhørende respekt fra andre land. Videre tar Kina mål av seg til å bli et middels velstående land der godene er jevnere fordelt. Fortsatt økonomisk vekst ...
    • Hvor går verden? Noen utvalgte krefter og trender 

      Isachsen, Arne Jon (CME Working paper series;4/2007, Working paper, 2007)
      Notatet tar for seg krefter og trender/utvikling framover innen politikk, økonomi, befolkningsutvikling og global oppvarming.
    • Hvor kommer pengene fra? Kilder til meravkastning i Statens Pensjonsfond Utland 

      Husum, Hans Olav (CME Working paper series;4/2008, Working paper, 2008)
      Den akkumulerte meravkastningen fra Norges Banks aktive forvaltning av Statens Pensjonsfond – Utland fra starten i 1998 fram til utgangen av juni 2007 utgjorde omlag 36.5 milliarder kroner. Ved utgangen av første kvartal ...
    • The IMF, the credit crunch and Iceland: A new fiscal saga? 

      Chand, Sheetal K. (CME Working Paper Series;3/2009, Working paper, 2009)
      Iceland was badly hit by a fundamental mismatch between the assets and international liabilities of her banking system, with severe consequences for the welfare of the population. The country now has an IMF program. The ...
    • The impact of FX Central Bank Intervention in a Noise Trading Framework 

      Beine, Michel; De Grauwe, Paul; Grimaldi, Marianna (CME Working paper series;2/2006, Working paper, 2006)
      In this paper, we investigate the effects of central bank interventions (CBI) in a noise trading model with chartists and fundamentalists. We first estimate a model in which chartists extrapolate past returns and ...
    • The Impact of Monetary Policy on Leading Variables for Financial Stability in Norway 

      Olsen, Helene; Wieslander, Harald (CAMP Working Paper Series;02/2020, Working paper, 2020-03)
      We search for leading determinants of financial instability in Norway using a signaling approach, and examine how these respond to a monetary policy shock with the use of structural VAR models. We find that the wholesale ...
    • Implementing the Zero Lower Bound in an Estimated Regime-Switching DSGE Model 

      Binning, Andrew; Maih, Junior (CAMP Working Paper Series;3/2016, Working paper, 2016)
      The Zero Lower Bound (ZLB) on policy rates is one of the key monetary policy issues du jour. In this paper we investigate the problem of modelling and estimating the ZLB in a simple New Keynesian model with regime switches. ...
    • The importance of unemployment risk for individual savings 

      Juelsrud, Ragnar E.; Getz Wold, Ella (HOFIMAR Working Paper Series;6/2023, Working paper, 2023)
      In this paper we use a novel natural experiment and Norwegian tax data to quantify the causal impact of unemployment risk on individual savings. We show theoretically that higher unemployment risk increases liquid savings ...
    • Incentives in Competitive Search 

      Moen, Espen R.; Rosén, Åsa (CREAM Publications;1/2010, Working paper, 2010)
      This paper proposes a labor market model with job search frictions where workers have private information on match quality and e¤ort. Firms use wage contracts to motivate workers. In addition, wages are also used to ...
    • The Inefficient Combination: Competitive Markets, Free Entry, and Democracy 

      Mehlum, Halvor; Natvik, Gisle; Torvik, Ragnar (CAMP Working Paper Series;02/2021, Working paper, 2021-01-27)
      We show that under fairly general conditions, the combination of (i) competitive markets, (ii) free entry, and (iii) democracy is inconsistent with allocative efficiency. This fundamental impossibility result, which has ...
    • Inflasjonsstyring - noen internasjonale erfaringer 

      Hagelund, Kåre (CME Working paper series;2/2003, Working paper, 2003)
      I denne artikkelen gjennomgås sentrale makroøkonomiske utviklingstrekk i fem industrialiserte land som innførte inflasjonsstyring på begynnelsen av 1990-tallet. Disse landene hadde gjennomgående høyere og mer variabel ...
    • Inflation expectations and the pass-through of oil prices 

      Aastveit, Knut Are; Bjørnland, Hilde Christiane; Cross, Jamie L. (CAMP Working Paper Series;03/2020, Working paper, 2020-06-25)
      Do inflation expectations and the associated pass-though of oil price shocks depend on demand and supply conditions underlying the global market for crude oil? We answer this question with a novel structural vector ...
    • The Influence of Fiscal and Monetary Policies on the Shape of the Yield Curve 

      Chang, Yoosoon; Gómez-Rodríguez, Fabio; Matthes, Christian (CAMP Working Paper Series;02/2024, Working paper, 2024-01-23)
      We investigate the influence of the U.S. government’s spending and taxation decisions, along with the monetary policy choices made by the Federal Reserve, on the dynamics of the nominal yield curve. Aggregate government ...
    • Initial Public Offering or Initial Private Placement? 

      Fjesme, Sturla Lyngnes; Norli, Øyvind (CCGR Working Paper;4/2011, Working paper, 2011)
      This paper studies the choice between an auction and a negotiation when selling a large fraction of a company. Using detailed data on ownership structure in 123 public offerings and 88 negotiated private placements, we ...
    • Inntektspolitikkens muligheter i strategien for økonomisk stabilitet 

      Skånland, Hermod (CME Working paper series;4/2000, Working paper, 2000)