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    • A composite likelihood approach for dynamic structural models 

      Canova, Fabio; Matthes, Christian (CAMP Working Paper Series Paper No. 10/2018;, Working paper, 2018-10-08)
      We describe how to use the composite likelihood to ameliorate estimation, computational, and inferential problems in dynamic stochastic general equilibrium models. We present a number of situations where the methodology ...
    • A crisis not wasted: Institutional and structural reforms behind Norway’s strong macroeconomic performance 

      Steigum, Erling; Thøgersen, Øystein (CME Working Papers;1/2014, Working paper, 2014)
      The systemic banking crisis and speculative attacks on the Norwegian krone in the early 1990s were the last in a series of blows to Norway’s macroeconomic policy regime. In addition to the recession after 1988, the underlying ...
    • A New Economic Framework: A DSGE Model with Cryptocurrency 

      Asimakopoulos, Stylianos; Lorusso, Marco; Ravazzolo, Francesco (CAMP Working Paper Series;07/2019, Working paper, 2019-10-12)
      This paper develops a Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium (DSGE) model to evaluate the economic repercussions of cryptocurrency. We assume that cryptocurrency offers an alternative currency option to government currency ...
    • A new look at Euroscepticism: How Stable Are the Cleavages? 

      Sitter, Nick (CEAS Reports;1/2010, Working paper, 2010)
      This paper is a transcript of the lecture at The ARENA annual conference 2009: A new look at Euroscepticism, Oslo, 11 December 2009.
    • A New Monthly Indicator of Global Real Economic Activity 

      Ravazzolo, Francesco; Vespignani, Joaquin L. (CAMP Working Papers Series;2/2015, Working paper, 2015)
      In modelling macroeconomic time series, often a monthly indicator of global real economic activity is used. We propose a new indicator, named World steel production, and compare it to other existing indicators, precisely ...
    • Accounting for Individual-Specific Heterogeneity in Intergenerational Income Mobility 

      Chang, Yoosoon; Durlauf, Steven N.; Hu, Bo; Park, Joon Y. (CAMP Working Paper Series;03/2024, Working paper, 2024-02-21)
      This paper proposes a fully nonparametric model to investigate the dynamics of intergenerational income mobility. In our model, an individual’s income class probabilities depend on parental income in a manner that accommodates ...
    • Agglomerasjonsmodell 

      Heggedal, Tom-Reiel; Moen, Espen R.; Riis, Christian (CREAM Publications;2/2015, Working paper, 2015)
      Agglomerasjonsffekter en samlebetegnelse for svært ulike mekanismer som har det til felles at de stimuleres av økt befolkningstetthet. Det er grunn til å tro at infrastrukturinvesteringer som knytter befolkningskonsentrasjoner ...
    • Aktivabobler: Kan og bør myndighetene gjøre noe? 

      Steigum, Erling (CME Working paper series;4/2005, Working paper, 2005)
      I dette notatet gis det først en oversikt over og klargjøring av de viktigste begrepene og problemstillingene fra faglitteraturen. Deretter ser jeg kort på noen teorier for aktivabobler. Hvilken rolle pengepolitikk, ...
    • All pay auctions with certain and uncertain prizes - a comment 

      Riis, Christian (CREAM Publications;1/2015, Working paper, 2015)
      In the important contribution "All pay auctions with certain and uncertain prizes" published in Games and Economic Behavior May 2014, Minchuk and and Sela analyze an all pay auction with multiple prizes. The specific feature ...
    • Approximating time varying structural models with time invariant structures 

      Canova, Fabio; Ferroni, Filippo; Matthes, Christian (CAMP Working Paper Series;1/2016, Working paper, 2016)
      The paper studies how parameter variation affects the decision rules of a DSGE model and structural inference. We provide diagnostics to detect parameter variations and to ascertain whether they are exogenous or endogenous. ...
    • Arbeidstilbudsmodell 

      Heggedal, Tom-Reiel; Moen, Espen R.; Riis, Christian (CREAM Publications; 3/2015, Working paper, 2015)
      Dette modellnotatet presenterer prinsippene for beregning av arbeidsmarkedsvirkninger i merverdianalyser av samferdselsinvesteringer.
    • Are Small-Scale SVARs Useful for Business Cycle Analysis? Revisiting Non-Fundamentalness 

      Canova, Fabio; Sahneh, Mehdi Hamidi (CAMP Working Paper Series;2/2016, Working paper, 2016)
      Non-fundamentalness arises when observables do not contain enough information to recover the vector of structural shocks. Using Granger causality tests, the literature suggested that many small scale VAR models are ...
    • Asset returns, news topics and media effects 

      Høghaug Larsen, Vegard; Thorsrud, Leif Anders (CAMP;5, Working paper, 2017-09-19)
      We decompose the textual data in a daily Norwegian business newspaper into news topics and investigate their predictive and causal role for asset prices. Our three main findings are: (1) a one unit innovation in the news ...
    • Asset-Price Redistribution 

      Fagereng, Andreas; Gomez, Matthieu; Gouin-Bonenfant, Emilien; Holm, Martin; Moll, Benjamin; Natvik, Gisle (HOFIMAR Working Paper Series;2/2023, Working paper, 2023)
      Over the last several decades, there has been a large increase in asset valuations across many asset classes. These rising valuations had important effects on the distribution of wealth. However, little is known regarding ...
    • Asymmetric effects of monetary policy in regional housing markets 

      Aastveit, Knut Are; Anundsen, André K. (CAMP Working Paper Series;7, Working paper, 2017-12)
      The responsiveness of house prices to monetary policy shocks depends both on the nature of the shock – expansionary versus contractionary – and on city-specific housing supply elasticities. We test and find supporting ...
    • Attention, Politics or Performance? Competing Influences on Oversight by Analytical Bureaucracies in the Regulatory State 

      Workman, Samuel; Wolfe, Michelle (Ceas Reports; 3/2011, Working paper, 2011)
      In this paper, we examine and evaluate competing explanations for congressional attention to the federal bureaucracy in the United States. What we label “analytical bureaucracy” is a key, but severely understudied, tool ...
    • Auditor independence in a private firm and low litigation risk setting 

      Hope, Ole-Kristian; Langli, John Christian (CCGR Working Paper, Working paper, 2007)
      We examine the issue of auditor independence in a unique setting. Specifically, we test for auditor independence impairment among (1) private client firms for which the risk of auditor reputation loss is lower than for ...
    • Audits of private firms 

      Langli, John Christian; Svanström, Tobias (CCGR Working Paper;1/2013, Working paper, 2013)
      Private and public firms differ across a number of important dimensions. Public firms are under scrutiny by stock exchanges, regulators, and market participants and they share the feature of separation of ownership and ...
    • Bananer, stål og WTO: Transatlantiske økonomiske relasjoner 

      Isachsen, Arne Jon (CME Working paper series;4/2004, Working paper, 2004)
    • Bank og finans - hva har hendt? Og hva har vi lært? 

      Isachsen, Arne Jon (CME Working Papers;4/2013, Working paper, 2013)
      Verdien av bank og finans må sees i lys av i hvilken grad virksomheten her bidrar til mer veldrevne bedrifter, og til at sparerne får en sikker og grei avkastning på sine midler. Regulering av banker bør ligne på regulering ...