• Creativity, innovation, and the production of wealth 

      Sogner, Knut (Chapter, 2018-02)
      This chapter offers an historic introduction to the broad field of innovation studies with an eye towards ethical matters. Four fundamental issues are highlighted. In the first section, I delineate how the concept of ...
    • Innholdsmarkedsføring i praksis 

      Bang, Tor (Chapter, 2016)
      This chapter is partly conceptual, based on state-of-the-art market communication and public relations research, and partly empirical, based on text analysis and interviews with industry practitioners and leaders. We ...
    • Is integration of Uncertainty Management and The Last Planner System a good idea? 

      Torp, Olav; Bølviken, Trond; Aslesen, Sigmund; Lombardo, Sebastiano (Chapter, 2018)
      The Last Planner System (LPS) is a tool for project planning and control, and is an important contribution from Lean Construction. LPS focuses on scheduling, task coordination and time management. Uncertainty Management ...
    • Juridiske og etiske rammer for innholdsmarkedsføring 

      Viken, Monica (Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2016)
      This chapter investigates the legal and ethical framework for content marketing. The use of content marketing necessitates special considerations due to its legal implications for the marketer. In addition, legal rules ...
    • Rings of fire: Training for systems thinking and broadened impact 

      Dysvik, Anders; Carlsen, Arne; Škerlavaj, Miha (Chapter, 2017)
      What is the impact of training and development activities at work? In this chapter we argue that such a question should not only be an academic concern but also one that gets is built into all decisions about training. The ...
    • Sustainability: A Wicked Problem Needing New Perspectives 

      Brønn, Carl; Brønn, Peggy Simcic (Chapter, 2018)