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Handelshøyskolen BI [3763]
  • Gender and White-Collar Crime: Convenience in Target Selection 

    Dearden, Thomas; Gottschalk, Petter (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
    We find support for the idea that gender affects target selection when committing white-collar crime. Based on the theory of convenience, we argue that male and female offenders vary in their perceptions of convenience ...
  • Keeping up with the neighbors : The role of cluster identity in internationalization 

    Amdam, Rolv Petter; Lunnan, Randi; Bjarnar, Ove; Halse, Lise Lillebrygfjeld (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
    This paper explores the implications of the collective identity of a regional cluster on firms’ internationalization. Prior research has established the value of cluster “insidership” through access to knowledge and ...
  • Effects of COVID-19 on Business and Research 

    Donthu, Naveen; Gustafsson, Anders (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
    The COVID-19 outbreak is a sharp reminder that pandemics, like other rarely occurring catastrophes, have happened in the past and will continue to happen in the future. Even if we cannot prevent dangerous viruses from ...
  • Testing, Disclosure and Approval 

    Bizzotto, Jacopo; Vigier, Adrien Henri; Rudiger, Jesper (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
    Certifiers often base their decisions on a mixture of information, some of which is voluntarily disclosed by applicants, and some of which they acquire by way of tests or otherwise. We study the interplay between the ...
  • Creating the new executive: postwar executive education and socialization into the managerial elite 

    Amdam, Rolv Petter Storvik (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
    This paper explores the development of executive education in the US from 1945 to around 1970, and its function in developing potential top executives’ cultural, symbolic, and social capital. The paper shows that postwar ...

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