• Commodity Futures and Forecasting Commodity Currencies 

      Ravazzolo, Francesco; Sveen, Tommy; Zahiri, Sepideh K. (CAMP Working Paper Series;7/2016, Working paper, 2016)
      This paper analyzes the extent to which information in commodity futures markets is useful for out-of-sample forecasting of commodity currencies. In the earlier literature, commodity price changes are documented to be weak ...
    • The interplay between monetary and fiscal policy in a small open economy 

      Røisland, Øistein; Sveen, Tommy; Torvik, Ragnar (CAMP Working Paper Series;07/2023, Working paper, 2023-08)
      We develop a theory for the optimal interaction between monetary and fiscal policy. While one might initially think that monetary and fiscal policy should pull in the same direction, we show within a simple model that this ...
    • Monetary policy when export revenues drop 

      Bergholt, Drago; Røisland, Øistein; Sveen, Tommy; Torvik, Ragnar (CAMP Working Paper Series;04/2022, Working paper, 2022-11)
      We study how monetary policy should respond to shocks which permanently alter the steady state structure of the economy. In such a case monetary policy affects not only the short run misallocations due to nominal rigidities, ...
    • Norges Bank Watch 2013: An Independent Evaluation of Monetary Policy in Norway 

      Boye, Katrine Godding; Sveen, Tommy (Norges Bank Watch;2013, Research report, 2013)
      This report, Norges Bank Watch 2013, is an evaluation of the conduct of monetary policy in Norway in 2012. In addition, the report follows up on some themes introduced in previous Norges Bank Watch reports. In section ...
    • Norges Bank Watch 2017: An independent Evaluation of Monetary Policy in Norway 

      Bruce, Erik; Sveen, Tommy (Norges Bank Watch;2017, Research report, 2017-02)
    • Norges Bank Watch 2018: An independent Evaluation of Monetary Policy in Norway 

      Fjære, Jeanette S.; Sveen, Tommy (Norges Bank Watch;2018, Research report, 2018)
      Each year the Centre for Monetary Economics (CME) at The Department of Economics, BI Norwegian Business School, appoints an independent group of experts to evaluate monetary policy in Norway. This year the committee consists ...
    • Sectorial interdependence and business cycle synchronization in small open economies 

      Bergholt, Drago; Sveen, Tommy (CAMP Working Paper Series;2/2014, Working paper, 2014)
      Existing DSGE models are not able to reproduce the observed influence of international business cycles on small open economies. We construct a two-sector New Keynesian model to address this puzzle. The set-up takes into ...