• Governance of Interorganizational Project Networks 

      Müller, Ralf Josef; Alonderienė, Raimonda; Chmieliauskas, Alfredas; Drouin, Nathalie; Minelgaite, Inga; Pilkienė, Margarita; Šimkonis, Saulius; Unterhitzenberger, Christine; Vaagaasar, Anne Live; Wang, Linzhuo; Zhu, Fangwei (Research report, 2022)
    • A Multilevel Governance Model for Interorganizational Project Networks 

      Unterhitzenberger, Christine; Müller, Ralf Josef; Vaagaasar, Anne Live; Ke, Yongjian; Alonderienė, Raimonda; Minelgaite, Inga; Pilkienė, Margarita; Wang, Linzhuo; Zhu, Fangwei; Drouin, Nathalie; Chmieliauskas, Alfredas; Šimkonis, Saulius; Mongeon, Mylene (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
      This study operationalizes and tests a multilevel governance model for interorganizational project networks. Results of a qualitative multicase study are used to develop a framework model with three levels of governance, ...
    • The governance of horizontal leadership in projects 

      Pilkienė, Margarita; Alonderienė, Raimonda; Chmieliauskas, Alfredas; Šimkonis, Saulius; Müller, Ralf (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
      Using the framework of balanced leadership in projects, we explore how horizontal leadership is governed. Previous research in project governance has focused on control and trust as the main mechanisms of governance. We ...
    • Transitions in Balanced Leadership in Projects: The Case of Horizontal Leaders 

      Alonderienė, Raimonda; Müller, Ralf Josef; Pilkienė, Margarita; Šimkonis, Saulius; Chmieliauskas, Alfredas (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
      Balanced leadership theory conceptualizes that in projects leadership authority bounces back and forth between different roles in situational contingency, and is controlled by the project manager. One of these roles is the ...