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    • Using Brokerage Commissions to Secure IPO Allocations 

      Fjesme, Sturla Lyngnes; Michaely, Roni; Norli, Øyvind (CCGR Working Paper;4/2010, Working paper, 2010)
      Using data, at the investor level, on the allocations of shares in initial public offerings (IPOs), we document a strong positive relationship between the amount of stock-trading commission and the number of shares an ...
    • When Does Cash Matter? 

      Ehling, Paul; Haushalter, David (CCGR Working Paper;6/2011, Working paper, 2011)
      We examine the association between a firm’s cash holdings and its performance. Using a large sample of private companies, we find that the importance of cash for a firm’s performance varies substantially with its size ...
    • Why Do Boards Exist? Governance in the Absence of Corporate Law 

      Burkart, Mike; Miglietta, Salvatore; Østergaard, Charlotte (CCGR Working Paper;1/2017, Working paper, 2017)
      We study how owners trade off the costs and benefits of establishing a board in a historical setting, where boards are optional and authority over corporate decisions can be freely allocated across the general meeting, the ...