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    • The Political Economy of Public Income Volatility: With an Application to the Resource Curse 

      Robinson, James A.; Torvik, Ragnar; Verdier, Thierry (CAMP Working Papers Series;3/2015, Working paper, 2015)
      We develop a model of the political consequences of public income volatility. As is standard, political incentives create inefficient policies, but we show that making income uncertain creates specific new effects. Future ...
    • The R&D of Norwegian Firms: an Empirical Analysis 

      Manganelli, Anton Giulio (CREAM Publications;5/2010, Working paper, 2010)
      This thesis aims at investigating the determinants and the effects of R&D investments in a panel data of Norwegian medium and large firms from year 1995 to 2005. There is evidence of cash constraints in the R&D expenditures, ...
    • The Shale Oil Boom and the U.S. Economy: Spillovers and Time-Varying Effects 

      Bjørnland, Hilde C.; Zhulanova, Julia (CAMP Working Paper Series Paper No. 8/2018;, Working paper, 2018-10-16)
      We analyze if the transmission of oil price shocks in the U.S. economy has changed as a result of the shale oil boom. To do so we allow for spillovers at the state level, as well as aggregate country level effects. We ...
    • The Study of European Union Politics in the UK and Ireland 

      Sitter, Nick (CEAS Reports;2/2012, Working paper, 2012)
      This is a working paper version of a paper written for SENT - The Network of European Studies. The working paper provides an overview of the development of the British and Irish literature on the EU, from the early debates ...
    • The study of the European Union from outside: European integration studies in Norway and Iceland 1990-2010 

      Eliassen, Kjell; Marino, Marit Sjøvaag; Bergmann, Eirikur (CEAS Reports;1/2012, Working paper, 2012)
      This is a working paper version of a paper written for SENT - The Network of European Studies. The aim of this chapter is to map the research on European integration carried out by Norwegian and Icelandic researchers and ...
    • The Value of News 

      Larsen, Vegard H.; Thorsrud, Leif Anders (CAMP Working Paper Series;6/2015, Working paper, 2015)
      We decompose a major business newspaper according to the topics it writes about, and show that the topics have predictive power for key economic variables and, especially noteworthy, for asset prices. Unexpected ...
    • The world is not enough! Small open economies and regional dependence 

      Aastveit, Knut Are; Bjørnland, Hilde C.; Thorsrud, Leif Anders (CAMP Working Paper Series;3/2011, Working paper, 2011)
      This paper bridges the new open economy factor augmented VAR (FAVAR) studies with the recent findings in the business cycle synchronization literature emphasizing the importance of regional factors. That is, we estimate ...
    • Ti dager i Amerika 

      Isachsen, Arne Jon (CME Working paper series;1/1999, Working paper, 1999)
    • Time-Varying Trend Models for Forecasting Inflation in Australia 

      Cross, Jamie; Zhang, Bo; Guo, Na (CAMP Working Paper Series;09/2020, Working paper, 2020-11-18)
      We investigate whether a class of trend models with various error term structures can improve upon the forecast performance of commonly used time series models when forecasting CPI inflation in Australia. The main result ...
    • To Structure Political Conflict: the Institutionalisation of Referendums on European Integration in the Nordic Countries 

      Sitter, Nick (CEAS Reports;1/2007, Working paper, 2007)
      This is a paper presented at the European Consortium for Political Research Joint Sessions of Workshops, Helsinki, May 7-12, 2007.
    • Trenger Norge en valutakurspolitikk? 

      Hungnes, Håvard; Isachsen, Arne Jon (CME Working paper series;3/2003, Working paper, 2003)
      Med dette notatet vil vi invitere til en diskusjon om behovet for en valutakurspolitikk i Norge. Er det mulig med en egen valutakurspolitikk? Er det ønskelig med en norsk valutakurspolitikk? Om man på begge disse to ...
    • Ulikhetens pris 

      Isachsen, Arne Jon (CME Working Papers;2/2014, Working paper, 2014)
      Mye av de økonomiske ulikhetene i USA skyldes finansmarkedenes virkemåte, og hvordan toppledere mer generelt har klart å ta ut en stadig økende andel av verdiskapningen, hevder professor Joseph E. Stiglitz i boken The Price ...
    • Uncertainty and the Term Structure of Interest Rates 

      Cross, Jamie L.; Poon, Aubrey; Zhu, Dan (CAMP Working Paper Series;12/2023, Working paper, 2023-10-13)
      We present a new stylized fact about the link between uncertainty and the term structure of interest rates: Unexpectedly heightened uncertainty elicits a lower, steeper, and flatter yield curve. This result is established ...
    • Uro 

      Isachsen, Arne Jon (CME Working paper series;7/2007, Working paper, 2007)
      Aarbeidsnotatet er satt sammen av Månedsbrevet til Arne Jon Isachsen for juli-desember 2007. Månedsbrevet består av 6 ulike artikler.
    • Using Brokerage Commissions to Secure IPO Allocations 

      Fjesme, Sturla Lyngnes; Michaely, Roni; Norli, Øyvind (CCGR Working Paper;4/2010, Working paper, 2010)
      Using data, at the investor level, on the allocations of shares in initial public offerings (IPOs), we document a strong positive relationship between the amount of stock-trading commission and the number of shares an ...
    • Using Entropic Tilting to Combine BVAR Forecasts with External Nowcasts 

      Krüger, Fabian; Clark, Todd E.; Ravazzolo, Francesco (CAMP Working Paper Series;8/2015, Working paper, 2015)
      This paper shows entropic tilting to be a flexible and powerful tool for combining mediumterm forecasts from BVARs with short-term forecasts from other sources (nowcasts from either surveys or other models). Tilting ...
    • Utenrikspolitiske refleksjoner 

      Isachsen, Arne Jon (CME Working paper series;5/2007, Working paper, 2007)
      Aarbeidsnotatet er satt sammen av Månedsbrevet til Arne Jon Isachsen for januar-juni 2007. Månedsbrevet består av 6 ulike artikler.
    • Den vanskelige valutakursen 

      Isachsen, Arne Jon (CME Working paper series;7/2002, Working paper, 2002)
    • Verdens rikeste land 

      Isachsen, Arne Jon (CME Working paper series;6/2006, Working paper, 2006)
      Arbeidsnotatet er satt sammen av Månedsbrevet til Arne Jon Isachsen for januar-juni 2006. Månedsbrevet består av 6 ulike artikler.
    • Voting When the Stakes Are High 

      Andersen, Jørgen Juel; Fiva, Jon H.; Natvik, Gisle J. (CAMP Working Paper Series;8/2013, Working paper, 2013)
      Most theories of voter behavior predict that electoral participation will be higher in elections where more is at stake. We test this prediction by studying how participation is affected by exogenous variation in local ...