• Kingsland AS 

      Andreassen, Pernille; Arnevig, Henriette; Dishington, Tobias Lunder; Kvislen, Turid Anita; Thomassen, Siril Aimée (Bachelor thesis, 2013-08-20)
      We wrote our bachelor thesis project in cooperation with Kingsland AS, a Norwegian brand of high-end equestrian apparel. They have expanded successfully in Europe, and are in the process of expanding to both Asia and the ...
    • Maranga Swimwear 

      Lading, Ine Kristine H.; Bøe, Elise R.; Øvrebø, Emilie S.; Løtvedt, Amalie A. (Bachelor thesis, 2018)
    • Moods of Norway: NY market entry 

      Haugom, Mats Klevengen; Throne, Sindre Raaen; Myrseth, Sebastian; Løvoll, Linda-Marie (Bachelor thesis, 2012-11-15)
      Purpose The purpose of this document is to identify the key strategic and supplementary measures the Moods of Norway(MoN) management must take under consideration, to successfully penetrate the New York marketplace, ...
    • Nøgne Ø 

      Myrvang, Karl Fredrik; Lille-Mæhlum, Marianne; Nordhagen, Hanne Sofie; Kristiansen, Joachim Stensland; Kolstad, Charlotte Stene (Bachelor thesis, 2016-09-26)
      Nøgne Ø is Norway’s largest craft beer brewery and exports to 37 different countries, where the United States is the biggest export market. However, they have a small market share relative to their competitors. In ...
    • Olympic Seafood AS 

      Abeltun, Linda; Akogyeram, Rhodaline; Hjelle, Martine; Misund, Ingvild; Seljeset, Dina-Mari (Bachelor thesis, 2016-09-23)
      Olympic Seafood AS is a Norwegian seafood and specialty ingredient company, headquartered on the western coast of Norway, in a town called Fosnavaag. In 2012, Olympic Seafood AS and the company Avoca got together and ...
    • Slettvoll 

      Hetlevik, Hanne; Koch, Morten; Olsson, Anette; Rødland, Kristiane Notøy; Schiørn-Melbye, Line B. (Bachelor thesis, 2013-08-20)
      Slettvoll is a Norwegian high-end furniture manufacturer. The company specializes in both indoor and outdoor seating groups with customization down to every detail. In this thesis we wanted to explore the opportunity of ...
    • Tidal 

      Aarstad, Erle; Chishti, Furqan Zahid; Gellein, Teodor; Jenssen, Inger Helene Bjørnenak; Teigland, Mina (Bachelor thesis, 2016-09-23)
      “Rich artists are getting richer”. According to the media, this is what everyone thinks of the new streaming service TIDAL, owned explicitly by big named artists such as Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Madonna, Calvin Harris, Jay Z ...