• Dale of Norway 

      Isager, Clementine Hole; Sjetne, Kristoffer; Sjödin, Rebecca Victoria Fatima; Vorkinn, Henrik (Bachelor thesis, 2013-08-21)
      Peter Jebsen founded Dale of Norway in a small village outside Bergen, Norway in 1879. Dale produces fine outdoor clothing made of Norwegian wool and Merino wool from Australia and New Zealand. Dale exports to 22 countries, ...
    • Eintrittsstrategie-Empfehlung für den deutschen Verbrauchermarkt: Sunn og Frisk AS 

      Glathe, David Immanuel; Wisløff, Marthe Cecilie; Mårtensson, Sanna Elinor (Bachelor thesis, 2014-09-09)
    • Hurtigruten ASA 

      Blomstervik, Ingvild; Dahl, Hanne; Dehli, Åshild Lange; Plischewski, Max; Lotte, Øystrøm (Bachelor thesis, 2015-09-29)
      Hurtigruten is a Norwegian cruise line that for over 120 years has been doing transport and travel related activities on the Norwegian coast, as well as offering explorer routes. For closely 100 of these years, Hurtigruten ...
    • Live Arctic AS 

      Gulbrandsen, Silje Brenk; Larsen, Tine Schjønhaug; Larsen, Daniel Holth (Bachelor thesis, 2014-09-09)
      Andreas Friis founded Live Arctic AS in February 2010, in Porsgrunn, Norway. The company is a Norwegian lifestyle business and social enterprise that sell healthy energy bars. It is built upon a hybrid business model, ...
    • Move About 

      Malevic, Elifa; Østgaard, Greta Walum; Matheson, Ida Marie (Bachelor thesis, 2013-08-21)
      Move About AS is a Norwegian car sharing provider that is established in the German market. The goal of this thesis is to identify ways for Move About to strengthen their position in the German market. In order to acquire ...