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    • Tomra: helping the world recycle 

      Griggs, Anne Kristin P.S. Skauge; Ringvold, Anne; Majstorovic, Tea (Bachelor thesis, 2009-11-03)
      TOMRA is already a well established company on the German market, with some market potential left. The overall goal with this thesis is to examine possible ways for TOMRA to gain a larger market share through the basis on ...
    • Wimp 

      Moen, Elisabeth B.; Jahren, Erik; Ulland, John Reinert; Schmitz, Philipp Pascal (Bachelor thesis, 2014-09-09)
      WiMP is a music streaming service that provides the user with customized music offerings. The company is established in several countries including Germany, which will be the focus of this thesis. The goal for this ...
    • XXL all sports united 

      Hogstad, Kenneth Berge; Karlsen, Kristian; Larsen, Roger Holmen; Ljostad, Henrik Angell (Bachelor thesis, 2016-09-26)
      XXL ASA, which hereby will be addressed as XXL, is a retailer with one simple business concept; offer the consumer a wide range of branded merchandise, at extraordinary low prices. Established by Øivind Tidemandsen in ...