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  • No Isolation 

    Aasland, Solvor; Smith, Bendix G.; Haddad, Maya S.; Johansson, Ingebjørg (Bachelor thesis, 2018)
    No Isolation was founded in 2015, with one single purpose: to reduce involuntary social isolation. Their goal is to reduce loneliness among children who are suffering from long-term illnesses or injuries. The AV1 robot is ...
  • Gobitech AS 

    Grønningen, Emma Mathiesen; Johnstad, Kristina Schikora; Oppheim, Daniel; Vangsnes, Sturla Gallefoss; Mortvedt, Mathilde Osvold (Bachelor thesis, 2016-09-26)
    Gobitech AS was founded by four students at NTNU in Trondheim, Norway in 2015. They created a new social media application that allows its users to share picture stories with groups of people, not only one-to-one ...
  • Bama 

    Johnsen, Marte Øen; Kristiansen, Karoline; Raddum, Morten Andreas; Repstad, Pål Jacob (Bachelor thesis, 2016-09-26)
    BAMA Gruppen AS is a Norwegian fruit and vegetable company that, since it was founded in 1886, has aimed to make Norway fresher and healthier. The main objectives of the company is to deliver products to its customers with ...
  • XXL all sports united 

    Hogstad, Kenneth Berge; Karlsen, Kristian; Larsen, Roger Holmen; Ljostad, Henrik Angell (Bachelor thesis, 2016-09-26)
    XXL ASA, which hereby will be addressed as XXL, is a retailer with one simple business concept; offer the consumer a wide range of branded merchandise, at extraordinary low prices. Established by Øivind Tidemandsen in ...
  • Dressmann 

    Nor, Håkon Sund; Riise, Nils Ove Håland; Foss, Carl Mikkel Kollerøy; Froestad, Espen (Bachelor thesis, 2016-09-23)
    Dressmann AS is a Norwegian fashion retailer that is established in several markets, including Germany. Dressmann is currently represented in Hamburg, where they have two stores, and a Dressmann XXL. Dressmann have tried ...
  • Solo AS 

    Blakseth, Maria Meyer; Fink, Hedda Einen; Hansen, Annette; Nygren, Max Sverdrup (Bachelor thesis, 2016-09-23)
    German carbonated soft drink market The German carbonated soft drink (CSD) market is a fragmented market. Two of the biggest players hold more than half the total market volume, the third biggest holding under 2 %. Drinking ...
  • Hurtigruten ASA 

    Blomstervik, Ingvild; Dahl, Hanne; Dehli, Åshild Lange; Plischewski, Max; Lotte, Øystrøm (Bachelor thesis, 2015-09-29)
    Hurtigruten is a Norwegian cruise line that for over 120 years has been doing transport and travel related activities on the Norwegian coast, as well as offering explorer routes. For closely 100 of these years, Hurtigruten ...
  • Eintrittsstrategie-Empfehlung für den deutschen Verbrauchermarkt: Sunn og Frisk AS 

    Glathe, David Immanuel; Wisløff, Marthe Cecilie; Mårtensson, Sanna Elinor (Bachelor thesis, 2014-09-09)
  • Wimp 

    Moen, Elisabeth B.; Jahren, Erik; Ulland, John Reinert; Schmitz, Philipp Pascal (Bachelor thesis, 2014-09-09)
    WiMP is a music streaming service that provides the user with customized music offerings. The company is established in several countries including Germany, which will be the focus of this thesis. The goal for this ...
  • Live Arctic AS 

    Gulbrandsen, Silje Brenk; Larsen, Tine Schjønhaug; Larsen, Daniel Holth (Bachelor thesis, 2014-09-09)
    Andreas Friis founded Live Arctic AS in February 2010, in Porsgrunn, Norway. The company is a Norwegian lifestyle business and social enterprise that sell healthy energy bars. It is built upon a hybrid business model, ...
  • Dale of Norway 

    Isager, Clementine Hole; Sjetne, Kristoffer; Sjödin, Rebecca Victoria Fatima; Vorkinn, Henrik (Bachelor thesis, 2013-08-21)
    Peter Jebsen founded Dale of Norway in a small village outside Bergen, Norway in 1879. Dale produces fine outdoor clothing made of Norwegian wool and Merino wool from Australia and New Zealand. Dale exports to 22 countries, ...
  • Move About 

    Malevic, Elifa; Østgaard, Greta Walum; Matheson, Ida Marie (Bachelor thesis, 2013-08-21)
    Move About AS is a Norwegian car sharing provider that is established in the German market. The goal of this thesis is to identify ways for Move About to strengthen their position in the German market. In order to acquire ...
  • Brand-Awareness und Wahrnehmung über Helly Hansen in Deutschland 

    Burhol, Simen; Korsbøen, Christian Broch; Pedersen, Eirik Solvang (Bachelor thesis, 2012-11-14)
  • Ekornes: Stressless 

    Teigen, Jørgen Stadheim; Myrdal, Henrik Kjelland; Navelsaker, Kristoffer; Mølmesdal, Tor (Bachelor thesis, 2012-11-14)
    This thesis is written by four students at the University of Mannheim with aim to examine growth potential for Stressless within niche markets. Stressless is a high-end relaxing brand produced by the Norwegian furniture ...
  • Buer lefse and lompe bakery 

    Tonning-Olsen, Peter; Beldring, Alexander; Jørgensen, Tor Arild; Selj, Anders (Bachelor thesis, 2011-11-03)
    This project is written by four students at the University of Mannheim, and concerns the possible introduction of Lompe in to the German market under the brand name Buer. Buer is a small bakery in Askim, Norway, that ...
  • Devold of Norway 

    Andreassen, Espen Brustad; Erichsen, Magne Bredo; Nordstrand, Audun Ørskog; Skaar, Espen; Wærholm, Therese (Bachelor thesis, 2011-11-03)
    Devold of Norway is a Norwegian textile producer, with wool products as textile. The company was founded in 1853, and has been producing garments of high quality ever since. The authors of this paper have emphasized ...
  • Sørlandschips 

    Fjalestad, Ida Maria; Bråthen, Cecilie Helene (Bachelor thesis, 2010-10-15)
    Sørlandschips AS is a small Norwegian company located in south of Norway that produces a type of potato chips called ”kettle” chips. Sørlandschips have been very successful on the Norwegian market, and has so far managed ...
  • Tomra: helping the world recycle 

    Griggs, Anne Kristin P.S. Skauge; Ringvold, Anne; Majstorovic, Tea (Bachelor thesis, 2009-11-03)
    TOMRA is already a well established company on the German market, with some market potential left. The overall goal with this thesis is to examine possible ways for TOMRA to gain a larger market share through the basis on ...
  • Entering the German Gas market in Lübeck 

    Amith, Azmi; Finstad, Kenneth; Lie, Geir Andre (Bachelor thesis, 2009-10-26)
    Gasnor AS is a Norwegian Gas company consisting of 50 employees. Gasnor is characterizing Norway as its main market, with their main activities on the west side of Norway, where they have their main office. Nowadays they ...
  • Nidelv Båtbyggeri As 

    Larsen, Kristine Oline; Henning, Kim; Sørensen, Tobias Olav (Bachelor thesis, 2009-10-20)

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