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    • Jotun 

      Nielsen, Julie Broholm; Arntsen, Rebecca Emelie; Wold, Thea Christine (Bachelor thesis, 2016-09-26)
      Objective: • In this thesis we have analysed the opportunity for Jotun to sell paint online. Also, if they should open up their own distribution channel, have cooperation with another brand, or sell their products on a ...
    • Lanopro AS 

      Berger, Bård; Husevåg, Siv Helen; Jansson, Caroline; Lund, Christofer (Bachelor thesis, 2009-11-23)
    • MobileSupporter 

      Storemark, Kristi Gullaksen; Danielsen, Frøydis; Olsen, Helle Bolstad (Bachelor thesis, 2009-11-23)
    • Moveboards Media 

      Dippner, Silje; Grøttland, Jeppe Alexander Mathiesen; Messel, Elvira Vegas; Padro, Carla Sato (Bachelor thesis, 2008-11-25)
    • Ocean Quality 

      Brevik, Roy Schjølberg; Jordheim, Nikolai; Martinsen, John Christian; Labori, Aleksander; Torjul, Aleksander Lelis (Bachelor thesis, 2017)
      In this thesis we were going to answer the problem definition “which segments in the Spanish market should Ocean Quality target”. By doing so we started to collect data from secondary sources in order to find information ...
    • Opera software 

      Schou, Nicholas Sinclair; Vold, Elizabeth Huanca; Skuseth, Kenneth (Bachelor thesis, 2016-09-23)
    • Otrum: proyecto de investigación 

      Blindheimsvik, Daniel Ramos; Borgmo, Camilla Baldonado; Dippner, Siv; Eide, Pia Marlén; Sirnes, Marit Johanne (Bachelor thesis, 2008-09-19)