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    • Should HH enter the Singapoeran market? If so, how 

      Hamre, Marte Elin; Skogsrud, Marthe; Bidne, Carina Aleksandra (Bachelor thesis, 2010-08-18)
      Our diploma project attempts to aid Helly Hansen (HH) in answering two critical questions relating to their international strategy. First, should HH enter the Singaporean market? Second, if so, how should they enter the ...
    • Utilization of the Wintergas fleet for shipping Ethylene gas and BTX+S chemicals in China, South Korea and Taiwan : a strategic study 

      Vedeler, Kamilla; Jamt, Lasse; Beyer-Arnesen, Magnus; Jensen, Rikke Gran; Tellefsen, Trygve Andre (Bachelor thesis, 2012-01-11)
      The purpose of our study is to guide Norgas in the commercialization of the Wintergas (WG) fleet. We will do this through gathering, systematization and analysis of data and information. The Wintergas fleet consists of ...
    • Vigour: bringing you the essence of Norway 

      Nesbø, Øyvind; Niemi, Christina; Rønningen, Jeanette; Aasheim, Gitte Merete (Bachelor thesis, 2008-11-24)
    • Yara international entry etrategy for Cambodia 

      Aasum, Camilla; Diamantis, Adrian Hegstad; Eftang, Bendik; Kjelsnes, Bjørn Arve Johansen; Staaby, Anne (Bachelor thesis, 2014-09-09)
      We wrote our thesis for Yara International ASA, a global firm specializing in agricultural products and environmental protection agents. The company has established operations in 54 countries within six continents, and is ...