• Art Nor AS: entering the French HoReCa market 

      Fehn, Jacob Guy; Goksøyr, Espen Løge (Bachelor thesis, 2008-08-26)
      Art Nor AS is a Norwegian producer of sous-vide seafood products. The company currently employs 20 people. The company considers the northern part of Norway its main market and is currently looking to internationalize ...
    • Swims: seduce the rain 

      Erlandsen, Marianne S.; Haugen, Tonje; Øyna, Jorunn (Bachelor thesis, 2008-11-18)
      Le but de cette étude est de déterminer le meilleur moyen pour lancer le couvrechaussure en France. Nous avons trouvé des informations afin que Swims AS puisse mieux comprendre le marché français. Pendant notre étude, ...
    • Drytech 2009: une étude descriptive du marché de la nourriture lyophilisée en France 

      Bezier, Thomas; Ovesen, Tonje (Bachelor thesis, 2009-10-16)
      Nous avons réalisé une étude de marché pour l’entreprise norvégienne Drytech SA. Kyrre Jonassen, le directeur des ventes à Drytech, nous a demandé de décrire le marché français de la nourriture lyophilisée. Pour connaitre ...
    • Aunt Mabel’s possible entry on the french market 

      Langangen, Linn; Skjerpe, Ingeborg; Jacobs, Erik (Bachelor thesis, 2009-11-06)
      Millba is a Norwegian company that produces American styled cakes under the brand name “Aunt Mabel’s”. This project is based on the following strategic problem definition. Is it attractive and possible for Millba AS to ...
    • Devold of Norway 

      Branden, Steffi Van Den; Hjorthen, Niklas R.; Ueland, Greta (Bachelor thesis, 2010-08-18)
      Devold® of Norway was established in 1853 and it is Europe’s oldest sportswear brand. They produce outdoor garments made of merino wool. They export to 20 countries in Europe and USA, and now they want to explore the market ...
    • Lillunn: design of Norway 

      Werner, Birgitte Blix; Behrens, Martine; Width, Martine Domaas (Bachelor thesis, 2010-08-18)
      The authors of this thesis have for the past six months conducted a comprehensive research for the Norwegian company Lillunn AS, regarding the French clothing market and the company’s prospects of export to the Rhône-Alpes ...
    • Fleischer Couture 

      Eriksen, Marius; Myhrer, Karen Marie T. (Bachelor thesis, 2012-11-14)
    • Aduro 2012 : une étude exploratoire sur le marché français de poêles à bois 

      El-Gharbi, Jalal; Ellingsen, Stine V.; Johansen, Ania (Bachelor thesis, 2012-11-14)
      Cette étude a comme objectif de trouver les canaux de distributions les plus pertinents sur le marché français pour les poêles à bois Aduro. Nous avons étudié le marché français afin de mieux le connaître et afin de formuler ...
    • Sunn og frisk AS 2014 : une étude exploratoire sur le marché français de compléments alimentaires 

      Thorstensen, Hanne-Beathe; Halkinrud, Katarina Västinen (Bachelor thesis, 2014-09-05)
    • Exploring the potential acceptance of cross-country insoles in France 

      Hilsen, Emilie; Grorud, Ingunn Rode; Frøshaug, Ulrikke (Bachelor thesis, 2014-09-08)
      Rottefella AS launched an insole line specialized for cross-country skiing to the Scandinavian market in November 2013. The research question for this thesis was developed in cooperation with Rottefella and is stated as ...
    • Morild Norway 

      Merkesvik, Caroline H.; Johansen, Frida; Giske, Jørgen A. (Bachelor thesis, 2016-09-23)
      L’objective de notre étude est d’examiner le marché français afin de conseiller l’entreprise Morild Norway sur la meilleure façon d’entrer sur le marché français avec succès. Pour mieux appréhender et connaître le marché ...
    • Pure Pride 

      Haarr, Nicolai Larsen; Dieseth, Linda; Flåtten, Daniel Liam (Bachelor thesis, 2017)
      France is well known as one of the world’s most visited tourist destinations, but a less known fact is that it also is the second largest importer of Norwegian salmon in the world. This makes it a very interesting market ...
    • Amundsen Sports : A Market reseachers into the French consumers perception of Norwegian tradition and design 

      Bilstad, Martine Arlén Haaland; Conte, Nicolas; Guddal, Torstein Nilsen; Langnæs, Michelle Elise (Bachelor thesis, 2017)
      We, the authors, has the last six months conducted a research study for Amundsen Sports AS. This is study focus on their operations and activities towards the French market. Amundsen Sports is a Norwegian outdoor and ski ...