• Born sustainable 

      Lid, Mia; Etse, Ida Cecilie; Segertsen, Milly Lid; Larssen, Lars-Jørgen Berge (Bachelor thesis, 2010-08-18)
      This report presents the findings and recommendations based on an in-depth analysis of the hydroponic vegetable industry in Eastern Canada. This project is carried out on behalf of Jiffy international, a leading supplier ...
    • Kari Traa as in Canada 

      Tollefsen, Kathrine; Maurset, Knut; Mathisen, Martine; Buer, Tina (Bachelor thesis, 2012-01-11)
      Since its inception in 2002, Kari Traa AS, created by the Olympic skier Kari Traa, has experienced great success. Starting out with just toques, it now has an extensive product line. It has become the market leader for ...
    • Kongsberg : Canadian market analysis 

      Flatla, Merethe; Lunde, Gilbert; Remes, Thomas; Lysdahl, Henrik; Alfsvåg, Lasse (Bachelor thesis, 2009-10-20)
    • Vigour Health: the ASC-Series launch in Canada 

      Danielsen, David M.; Fredriksen, Joakim; Nordli, Espen; Nøstberg, Bjørn R. (Bachelor thesis, 2008-09-18)
      This report is part of the authors’ bachelor degree in International Marketing and analyzes the Canadian vitamins and dietary supplements (VDS) industry. Based on this analysis, the authors will be proposing how Vigour ...