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  • ZZZ Corporate Accommodation in The Italian Market 

    Eriksen, Gina Marie G.; Hesselberg, Toril L.; Leidland, Lotte; Molland, Pål-Gunnar; Munkeby, Silje M.; Jørgensen, Tonje (Bachelor thesis, 2018)
    This report identifies the opportunities for ZZZ Corporate Accommodation for a potential expansion into the Italian market. Drivers of change in the macro environment relevant for the corporate accommodation market in ...
  • Daily naturals 

    Bekkum, Marie (Bachelor thesis, 2018)
  • Daily naturals 

    Nessler, Katrine Z. (Bachelor thesis, 2018)
    Based on the conducted situation analysis, three main issues have been identified for Daily Naturals to focus on. 1. The challenges of entering the haircare market in Australia without economies of scale. 2. Due to no ...
  • Daily naturals 

    Kvannes, Nanna (Bachelor thesis, 2018)
    The three main issues that came out of the situation analysis were the false truth of Daily Naturals’ patent, the threat of competitors with economies of scale, and Daily Naturals lack of marketing efforts. The reason why ...
  • Daily naturals 

    Figenschau, Heidi S. (Bachelor thesis, 2018)
  • Daily naturals 

    Simonsen, Mario (Bachelor thesis, 2018)
    an increasing social movement towards vegan and sustainable products. However, the internal and external analysis also revealed three strategic issues that Daily Naturals are facing. The issues have been renamed to better ...
  • Daily naturals 

    Eriksrød, Kristine Røse (Bachelor thesis, 2018)
    The Australian, family owned hair care company Dresslier, with one of its product lines Daily Naturals, is aiming to take its already successful business to the next level. This marketing report builds on the results from ...
  • PTL Group China's Market Entry Stragegy to the United States 

    Mørch, Camila Sneli (Bachelor thesis, 2018)
    Purpose: The market entry consulting firm PTL Group China needs specific primary data on which channels and promotional strategies can most effectively influence United States, small and medium enterprises decision-makers ...
  • Is there a potential in the Spanish market for Adams Matkasse? 

    Rementilla, Anne B.; Vikran, Amanda H.; Lysvold, Nathalie; Schive, Adrian T.; Dimmen, Maria H. (Bachelor thesis, 2018)
    In our thesis we have researched if there is potential for Adams Matkasse to enter the Spain Market. Adams Matkasse is a company that delivers food boxes to you doorstep which contains healthy recipes and all the groceries ...
  • Daily naturals 

    Vathne, Anna (Bachelor thesis, 2018)
  • Norsk Akustikksenter Lyddemping : Market and Segment Analysis 

    Henricks, Petter-Nicolai H. (Bachelor thesis, 2018)
    “The health impacts of environmental noise are a growing concern among both the general public and policy-makers in Europe” (World Health Organization, 2011). Environmental noise or noise pollution have immense consequences ...
  • Playpulse 

    Iversen, Stian Sanni (Bachelor thesis, 2018)
    This dissertation analyses PlayPulse’s opportunities in China. The dissertation analyses the fitness industry, the gaming industry and the e-sport industry in China. It analyses PlayPulse’s overall preparedness for ...
  • No Isolation 

    Aasland, Solvor; Smith, Bendix G.; Haddad, Maya S.; Johansson, Ingebjørg (Bachelor thesis, 2018)
    No Isolation was founded in 2015, with one single purpose: to reduce involuntary social isolation. Their goal is to reduce loneliness among children who are suffering from long-term illnesses or injuries. The AV1 robot is ...
  • Daily naturals 

    Gundersen, Camilla H. (Bachelor thesis, 2018)
  • ZZZ: Business Consultancy Group Report 

    Børthus, Marius; Braastad, Joakim; Karlsen, Dennis D.; Thingnes, Ingrid A.; Nerbøvik, Kristoffer (Bachelor thesis, 2018)
    This report is investigating the opportunities for ZZZ to move into Spain, more specifically Barcelona and San Sebastian. ZZZ will have the opportunity to increase their market share in this region, and make a profit. ...
  • Maranga Swimwear 

    Lading, Ine Kristine H.; Bøe, Elise R.; Øvrebø, Emilie S.; Løtvedt, Amalie A. (Bachelor thesis, 2018)
  • Daily naturals 

    Ekeland, Marius R. (Bachelor thesis, 2018)
  • Helly Hansen 

    Truong, Trinny Vinh; Bjerkene, Ida Kringstad; Nilsen, Kristine; Fyrde, Anna Rasch; Nævra, Martine Lindtun (Bachelor thesis, 2018)
    In this thesis, we have analysed the possibility for Helly Hansen to increase sales in the Spanish market, where they are already established. Currently, Helly Hansen is operating in the professional skiing and sailing ...
  • DELL : 2:1 Convertible Notebook 

    Nilsen, Aurora B. (Bachelor thesis, 2017)
    After conducting an internal and external analysis based on primary and secondary research, the conclusion was that Dell is a strong brand in the commercial market. However, the research also concluded that Dell is facing ...
  • Huawei 

    Ottho, Fabian Alexander (Bachelor thesis, 2017)
    This thesis examines how Huawei could use e-marketing and strategy to strengthen their global brand. I had three key areas of research, being; customer’s relationship towards the brand, Huawei’s strengths and weaknesses ...

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