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Handelshøyskolen BI [4786]
  • Burnout and its four dimensions: The influences of stress mindset 

    Wang, Sander Lervik; Rød, Fredrik (Master thesis, 2022)
    Even though burnout has been a hot topic of research for decades, little is known about how the construct is influenced by an individual's view of stress. In this thesis, we will attempt to further the collective knowledge ...
  • Asset Allocation in European Equity Markets: A comparison of sector, factor and country investing 

    Myrvoll, Fredrik Skjevdal; Vedvik, Rune (Master thesis, 2022)
    With the evolution of index-based investing in the past decades, we investigate three investment universes consisting of sector, factor, and country indices in the European equity market. We employ several asset allocation ...

    Gandolfi, Valentina; Andersen, Benedicte Marie (Master thesis, 2022)
    This thesis investigates if investing in European stocks based on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) scores can generate abnormal returns from 2011 to 2021. By performing positive, best-in-class, and negative ...
  • Macroeconomic Fundamentals' Predictability of Currency Returns 

    Tønjum, Trond Daae; Slyngstad, Jan Helge (Master thesis, 2022)
    We study the relationship between macroeconomic fundamentals and currency returns from the perspective of a British investor. To investigate the relationship more closely, we replicate the methodologies presented by Dahlquist ...
  • Bitcoin Returns – a Mood Killer? 

    Bakken, Ellinor Giske; Høgset, Veronika (Master thesis, 2022)
    The thesis examines whether cryptocurrency returns may be used to explain sentiment expressed on social media. To do this, we have constructed a unique dataset consisting of posts on Twitter and Reddit mentioning Bitcoin ...

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