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Handelshøyskolen BI [3397]
  • Behavioral changes and policy effects during Covid-19 

    Anundsen, André Kallåk; Kivedal, Bjørnar Karlsen; Larsen, Erling Røed; Thorsrud, Leif Anders (CAMP Working Paper Series;07/2020, Working paper, 2020-09-17)
    We exploit unique Norwegian day-by-day transaction and bid-by-bid auction data in order to examine how market participants reacted to the spreading news of Covid-19 in early March 2020, the lock-down on March 12, and the ...
  • Proper scoring rules for evaluating asymmetry in density forecasting 

    Iacopini, Matteo; Ravazzolo, Francesco; Rossini, Luca (CAMP Working Paper Series;06/2020, Working paper, 2020-09-01)
    This paper proposes a novel asymmetric continuous probabilistic score (ACPS) for evaluating and comparing density forecasts. It extends the proposed score and defines a weighted version, which emphasizes regions of interest, ...
  • Price Dispersion and the Role of Stores 

    Moen, Espen Rasmus; Wulfsberg, Fredrik; Aas, Øyvind Nilsen (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
    In this paper, we study price dispersion in the Norwegian retail market for 766 products across 4,297 stores over 60 months. Price dispersion for homogeneous products is significant and persistent, with a coefficient of ...
  • Sosial identitet til ulike profesjonsgrupper - en utfordring for politiet? 

    Henriksen, Morten Aas (Master thesis, 2018)
    Formålet med denne oppgaven er å undersøke om kategoriene, akademiker og politiutdannet, oppfattes som sosiale identiteter i PST og om identitetene gir grunnlag for mulige konflikter i organisasjonen. Forskning på akademikere ...
  • Factors influencing the choice of beer: A review 

    Betancur, Maria Isabel; Motoki, Kosuke; Spence, Charles; Velasco, Carlos (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
    Research on those variables that have been shown to influence the consumer’s choice of beer is reviewed. The focus is on the choice of whether to drink beer as opposed to a beverage from another category, and to a greater ...

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